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More than a half century ago, A Bond of Life Adoptions was established to help families navigate the adoption process.  ABL Adoptions has office in both Louisiana and Indiana.  We help birthmothers connect with potential adoptive parents.  Our accomplished and highly proficient adoption services team is able to attend to all the needs of the birthmothers and the prospective parents.  Before, during and after the placement of the child, ABL Adoptions handles all aspects of the adoption counseling.   We also counsel families in resolving infertility issues, coordinating the birthing experience and the legal requirements.  For us, adoption is a gift of love.  ABL Adoptions has a personal and direct experience with the adoption process because a number of our employees are adoptive parents, adoptees or birthmothers.  We are particularly considerate of the individual needs of all birthmothers.  ABL Adoptions is considerate of your individual needs and we ensure that birthmothers receive the privacy and compassion that you deserve during this time.  We offer 24 hour support to help you in dealing with any difficult questions and to assist you in determining the best outcome for you and your unborn child.  Chalmette families recognize ABL Adoptions as the most dependable adoption agency and as being the perfect resource for your adoption process. 

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There are more than 17,000 residents in Chalmette, Louisiana which is part of the New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner Metropolitan Statistical Area.  Chalmette is the parish seat of St. Bernard Parish.  The birth for St. Bernard Parish is 12.3 births per 1000 population.  Each year, 14.5% of the births are to teenage mothers – 15 to 19 years of age.  Teenage birthmothers often recognize that they are not ready to take on the full responsibilities of parenting.  Many times they want to complete their high school education and go to college.  Finances frequently play a significant role in a birthmother deciding to choose adoption.  Each birthmother opts for adoption for an individual reason because of her unique situation.  For over 50 years, ABL Adoptions has been helping Chalmette birthmothers with adoption.  We are available to assist Chalmette adoptive parents and birthmothers regardless of the race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age or marital status; we do not discriminate.  ABL Adoptions’ services are completely FREE to birthmothers.  IF you are contemplating adoption, ask about whether you are also entitled to other financial aid relating to: medical bills, maternity clothing, transportation, food and rent.

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Birthmothers are not expected to sign any documents terminating their parental rights until after the birth of the child.  In addition, birthmothers are also able to decide about the regularity of child visitation in an open adoption and the option to be kept informed about the child’s development and progress through photos and other correspondence.  Birthmothers also have a say in the birthing coach and arrangements to taking the baby home from the hospital.  Birthmothers depend upon ABL Adoptions to give them the essential information they need in order to make an educated choice about the acceptability of the adoptive parents. To discover more about ABL Adoptions, call us at: 1-866-650-5683 and ask to speak with one of our adoption center’s coordinators, today. 

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