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A Bond of Life Adoptions is a Licensed Child Placing Agency that was originated to produce even more families by using an adoption platform.  We have offices easily situated in both of the states Louisiana and Indiana.  For greater than five decades, ABL Adoptions has been helping connect adoring birth-mothers with adoptive parents.  Our authorized and trained adoption group is more than equipped to deal with all or any of the adoring birthmothers and the prospective parents’ requirements.  We are able to take on the adoption therapy well before the adoption basically occurs, during the in-depth adoption process and once the adoption placement is completed; help support families who need to resolve any infertility problems and work together with the hospital experience and handle any of the legal requirements.  ABL Adoptions knows that picking out the best adoption for your baby-to-be is a true gift of love.  As either being the adoptive parents or if the adoring birthmother, the educated team at ABL Adoptions has the first-hand personal experience and knowledge with adoption processes.  We are known to be very respectful and understanding of the needs of adoring birthmothers.  We guarantee you will experience the most foremost compassion with the proper amount of discretion you that you well deserve.  You will also get the support and understanding needed when it is time to go over the various choices that are available to you.  You can also expect we will be right there supporting you when you will have to make the best decisions for you and your unborn newborn.  We do know that any of the families in Greenwood have chosen ABL Adoptions for our devotion, passion, professionalism, and our experience and ability to assist the adoring birthmothers throughout their entire adoption situation.

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Greenwood, Indiana has a population of nearly 50,000 and a metro area of over 2,000,000.  With the national birth rate at 13.6 births per 1000 population, each year, over 4,000 babies are born in Greenwood alone, not including the surrounding metro area.  In the Greenwood neighborhood, not all of pregnancies are planned in advance.  Child adoption usually ends up being the best decision for you and your unborn baby!  If you are considering adoption, you would want to chat with ABL Adoptions right away.  We have been assisting and supporting a great number of Greenwood adoring birthmothers with their baby adoption for 50 years.  The Greenwood area clients do understand they can depend on and trust ABL Adoptions for its one of a kind baby adoption services and solutions ABL Adoptions will work with all kinds of families no matter what their race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, age, or sex may be.  The parents who are waiting patiently do need to keep records and complete a home study before they can start the ABL Adoptions’ application process to get approval.  ABL Adoptions’ adoption center’s services are always FREE to any and all adoring birth-mothers who need our services.  One more thing, depending on which state you happen to live in, adoring birthmothers may actually be able to get other kinds of assistance because of their pregnancies.  These may include: medical bills, transportation, maternity clothing, and food and rent.

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ABL Adoptions does not require any of the adoring birth-moms to sign any written papers ending their rights to the wished-for baby till after the baby is born.  The adoring birthmother has the right to draft a totally operational adoption plan that ought include the amount of occurrence of going to visit the little one in the future, the method of collecting correspondence and pictures of the baby, the quantity of private information to be discussed and passed along, to select a support person for the adoring birthmother while in the healthcare center, and what the particular plans are when bringing the little one home from the medical facility.  ABL Adoptions will be in charge of offering all of the most important details to its birth-parents to make sure they are entirely happy with the new adoring dad and mom.   Call our toll-free number at1-866-650-5683 to talk with one of our qualified ABL Adoptions center’s planners.  We will help assist you with making the very best final decision for your needs in providing your new baby with a better life because of adoption.


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