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Many women who face an unplanned pregnancy are uncertain if they are prepared to be a parent.  This is often when these women contact the professionals at A Bond of Life Adoptions. We are considered to be a leading adoption agency for adoptive families and birthmothers.  Our capable staff is known for their compassionate approach to serving adoptive families and birthparents. We have been dedicated to assisting birthmothers decide what is in their best interests and the best interests of their unborn child for more than 50 years.  ABL Adoptions is so much more than just an adoption agency; we are a group of sincere, compassionate individuals who have actually experienced the adoption process on a personal level.  Some of ABL Adoptions’ staff were adoptees, some were birthmothers and some are adoptive parents.  Naturally, we have a very good idea what our clients are facing – as birthmothers and adoptive parents.  The adoption services ABL Adoptions provides are: assisting families deal with infertility, counseling birthmothers and coordinating the legal process and the birthmothers’ stay in the hospital.  ABL Adoptions attempts to match its adoptive families with birthmothers and we respect the wishes of all parties involved.  ABL Adoptions is a Licensed Child Placing Agency with offices in both Louisiana and Indiana.  When they are contemplating adoption, Harvey birthmothers look to us for support.  ABL Adoptions is able to steer them through the process and provide them with the solutions to their questions they have concerning adoption.  We are devoted to helping its Slidell clients every step of the way. 

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Harvey, Louisiana is located on the west bank of the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish, with a population of over 22,000 residents.  Harvey is part of the New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Jefferson Parish birthrate is 13.8 births per 1000 population, and there are approximately 6,267 births annually in Jefferson Parish, with over 808, or 12.9% of them to unmarried teenage mothers 15 to 19 years of age.  ABL Adoptions is extremely supportive of birthmothers’ positions, and we are completely understanding with the needs of the adoptive parents.   In fact, we take pride in our ability to forge an interpersonal relationship with our clientele throughout the adoption process.  We are extremely supportive of birthmothers’ positions, and we are totally in touch with the adoptive parents’ needs.   ABL Adoptions provides its services FREE of charge to Harvey birthmothers, while helping them during their decision-making process.  We also make them aware of their eligibility for further financial assistance from: housing, living expenses, pre-natal care, medical costs, maternity clothing and lost wages.

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No matter where you are, you will discover it is difficult to uncover a more compassionate and respectful adoption agency than ABL Adoptions.  We know the financial, emotional and physical stress the adoption process produce in a birthmother’s life.  ABL Adoptions’ team has a deep appreciation of what you’re going through and what you will be facing in the weeks ahead.  ABL Adoptions will be there to offer you the kind of support to take you comfortably through all the stages of your adoption plan – from choosing the level of openness you prefer in the adoption to selecting the family you believe is the most suitable.  Call ABL Adoptions at 1-866-650-5683 to learn more about our adoption process.

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