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A Bond of Life Adoptions has been helping build families through the miracle of adoption for more than 50 years.  Our highly-experienced staff focuses completely on our birthmothers and out adoptive parents.  Many birthmothers choose the adoption option for their unborn child.  They want their child to have the kind of life that they are unable to provide them.  ABL Adoptions is a Licensed Child Placing Agency with offices in Louisiana and Indiana.   We advertise throughout the country in a variety of ways from yellow page directories and Internet to newspapers, magazines and billboards. Our ads reach millions of people across the United States and, due to our extensive advertising budget; ABL Adoptions is able to match clients very quickly. With national advertising available, there is no reason to wait a long period of time to find a birthmother.  ABL Adoptions is a particularly unique adoption agency because we have a staff that is composed of adoptive parents; adults who were adopted as children and former birthmothers.  As a result, our staff is perfectly capable of understanding the all aspects of the adoption process, including the range of emotions experienced by all parties involved.   Recently, we have heard from families in Houma, who are seriously considering adoption.     

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Houma, Louisiana is the parish seat of Terrebonne Parish, and it is the largest principal city of the Houma, Bayou Cane and Thibodaux Metropolitan Statistical Area with a population of close to 34,000 residents.  The birthrate in the United States is approximately 14 births for every 1,000 people.  In Louisiana, alone, there are right around 63,000 births annually.  In Terrebonne Parish, nearly 18% of the births are to teenage birthmothers.  Because ABL Adoptions’ staff has such a personal relationship to the adoption process, we have a better understanding of the birthmothers’ positions toward adoption, as well as the approach to the adoption experience from the perspective of the adoptive parents.  ABL Adoptions brings compassion into every adoption, seeking to custom fit each adoption to the particular needs of the family and the birthmothers.  We have established an extensive network of trustworthy adoption professionals nationwide who can be summoned in the event that a birthmother is in another state.  ABL Adoptions supports Houma birthmothers during all the stages of their decision-making process.  Also, our services are FREE to birthmothers, and we will assist them to discover if they are eligible for additional financial aid including: medical expenses, maternity clothing, transportation, food and rent.

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ABL Adoptions informs birthmothers of all their rights including the fact that they are not required to sign termination documents until after the baby is born.  Our adoption coordinator assists birthmothers in creating their own adoption plan.  This frequently includes choosing the adoptive family and determining the level of openness they wish from a closed adoption, semi-open adoption or a completely open adoption.  Furthermore, birthmothers may wish to specify if they care for the baby at the hospital or if the adoptive family does, and who the birthmother’s birthing coach will be.  ABL Adoptions’ goal is for all our clients – birthmothers and adoptive parents – to be completely satisfied with their adoption plan.  To learn more about how ABL Adoptions can help you with your adoption process, call us at 1-866-650-5683.

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