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Oftentimes, unmarried, pregnant women wonder, “Is adoption right for me and my child?”  It’s perfectly normal for women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy to be uncertain if they are prepared to be a parent.  This is why A Bond of Life Adoptions was first established 50 years ago – for the purpose of assisting birthmothers to make that all-important decision of whether or not they are prepared to become a parent or whether they are contemplating helping a childless couple become a family through adoption.  Whatever their decision, each one is individual and unique and only the birthmother can make the final determination regarding what is in the best interests of their child.  ABL Adoptions is a Licensed Child Placing Agency that has offices in both Louisiana and Indiana.  We have been working for more than 50 years to connect birthmothers with adoptive parents.  ABL Adoptions has a remarkable, professional adoption staff committed to serving birthmothers and the prospective parents.  We have considerable experience ranging from counseling birthmothers, helping families deal with infertility, profile assistance, legal and all the coordination with the hospital.  ABL Adoptions infuses compassion into every adoption, seeking to custom-fit each case to the particular needs of the adoptive family and the birthmother.  This is the reason so many expectant, unmarried women from Kenner choose us over the competition.

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Kenner, Louisiana is a suburb of New Orleans in Jefferson Parish, it has nearly 67,000 residents.  The annual birth rate of Louisiana is nearly 63,000 and not all these births are attributed to married women.  Additionally, the nation’s birth rate is right around 14 births per 1000 people.   ABL Adoptions notes that a considerable number of these births occurred to unwed mothers who eventually may choose an adoption plan for their child. After wisely weighing the options, numerous birthmothers conclude that adoption is the best answer to their particular situation.  Prior to rendering a final decision, most birthmothers prefer consulting with ABL Adoptions’ professional counselors first.  We have been assisting Kenner birthmothers during their decision-making process regarding adoption for more than half a century, and we can help you, too.   All of ABL Adoptions’ services are completely FREE to birthmothers and we will help them to determine whether they are eligible for any additional financial assistance including: medical expenses, maternity clothing, transportation, food and rent.

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We make sure all of the birthmothers who come to ABL Adoptions are advised of their rights and the fact that they will never be required to sign termination documents until after the baby is born.  Further, we assure them that they can weigh-in on visitation frequency in an open adoption, the option for a regular exchange of correspondence and photos, the quantity of contact information to be shared, who the birthing coach will be and the arrangements for taking the baby home from the hospital.  ABL Adoptions will guide you through the decision-making process in order for you to give your child a better life through adoption.  To consult with one of our adoption center’s coordinators, call our toll-free number at 1-866-650-5683, today, to learn more about our adoption process.

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