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You will never be able to find a more professional and compassionate adoption agency than ABL Adoptions.  We have a profound grasp of what you’re experiencing and what you will be feeling in the upcoming days.  By helping birthmothers handle the financial, emotional and physical aspects, we can relieve you of much of the stress involved in the adoption process.  ABL Adoptions will support you through all the phases of your adoption plan – from choosing the level of openness you desire to picking the adoptive family you believe to be the most appropriate.  We also will advise you of your eligibility for further financial assistance from: housing, living expenses, pre-natal care, medical costs, maternity clothing and lost wages.  To learn more about our adoption process, call ABL Adoptions at 1-866-650-5683, today!

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Marrero, Louisiana is on the west bank of the Mississippi River within the New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner Metro Area in Jefferson Parish.  Marrero has over 36,000 residents.  There are approximately 63,000 births each year in Louisiana, although not all these births are to married birthmothers.  Further, the country’s birthrate is about 14 births for every 1,000 people. Because the staff at ABL Adoptions has been in the position to “live” adoption; our personal and professional experiences have provided us with a better understanding of what each birthmother considering adoption is experiencing and expecting throughout the adoption process.  Additionally, this has also allowed ABL Adoptions to provide the finest services that are significant to prospective birthmothers, many of which are unique to our adoption agency.  We are known for serving Marrero birthmothers during their decision-making process, and we are fully prepared to help you, also.   ABL Adoptions offers its services FREE to birthmothers and we will help them to determine whether they are eligible for any additional financial assistance including: medical expenses, maternity clothing, transportation, food and rent.

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ABL Adoptions advises the birthmothers who come to them of all their rights and that they will never be asked to sign termination documents until after the baby is born.  ABL Adoptions’ adoption coordinator works with birthmothers to create their adoption plan. This often includes selecting the type of adoptive family the birthmother wants, the level of openness they wish:  closed adoption, semi-open or completely open adoption.  Birthmothers can also specify their hospital plan and detail if they care for the baby at the hospital or if the adoptive family does, and who will be the mother’s birthing coach in the delivery room.  ABL Adoptions wants our clients to feel 100% comfortable with their adoption plan.  For more information about how ABL Adoptions can assist you through the adoption process, call us at 1-866-650-5683.

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