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A Bond of Life Adoptions is in the business of helping families with the adoption process for more than 50 years.  Our capable staff is focused on helping birthmothers determine what is in their best interests and the best interests of their child.  ABL Adoptions is more than just an adoption service or an adoption agency – we are people who have been involved personally in all stages of the adoption process.  Some of our staff are adoptive parents; some are adoptees and others were birthmothers, so we know intimately what you, as a birthmother are experiencing, as well as what prospective adoptive parents are anticipating.  ABL Adoptions counsels birthparents and helps families deal with infertility; we assist in all aspects of the legal process and are on hand to coordinate everything regarding your hospital stay.  Furthermore, ABL Adoptions can be relied upon to instill compassion into all facets of the adoption process, seeking to match the particular needs of the adoptive family and the birthmothers.  ABL Adoptions is a Licensed Child Placing Agency with offices in Louisiana and Indiana.  When birthmothers are considering adoption, they seek our assistance to help them best understand the process.  ABL Adoptions is able to help them navigate through the process and answer all their questions from “Is adoption right for me and my child? to “If I choose adoption, will I someday regret my decision?  Moreover, ABL Adoptions is here to help you each step of the way.  These are just some of the reasons New Iberia clients have chosen us over the competition.

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New Iberia, Louisiana is the parish seat of Iberia Parish, and it is the principal city of the New Iberia Micropolitan Statistical Area with a population of close to 33,000 residents.  The birthrate in the Iberia Parish is approximately 15.4 births for every 1,000 people, plus 18% of the births are unwed teenagers who are 15 to 19 years old.  ABL Adoptions is known for having a personal relationship to the adoption process.  We have a better understanding of birthmothers’ positions toward adoption, as well as the approach to the adoption experience from the perspective of the adoptive parents.  Families in New Iberia know that ABL Adoptions brings the quality of compassion into every adoption, seeking to tailor the adoption to the specific needs of the adoptive family and the birthmother.  ABL Adoptions sustains New Iberia birthmothers during the many stages of their decision-making process.  Further, ABL Adoptions’ services are FREE to birthmothers, and we will assist you to determine your eligibility for additional financial help: housing, living expenses, pre-natal care, medical costs, maternity clothing and lost wages.

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You won’t find a more compassionate adoption agency than ABL Adoptions.  We understand that pregnancy is frequently an extremely stressful period – financially, emotionally and physically – in a birthmother’s life.  Many of us at ABL Adoptions have experienced adoption from the same perspective of our clients who are going through adoption.  We know what you’re thinking and experiencing and what you will be feeling in the days and weeks ahead.  ABL Adoptions makes sure to inform birthmothers of their rights, including that they are not obliged to sign termination documents until after the birth of the baby.  We want birthmothers to be completely satisfied with their adoption plan.  To discover how ABL Adoptions can assist you in all perspectives of your adoption process, call us at 1-866-650-5683, today

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