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A Bond of Life Adoptions helps birthmothers who are thinking about placing their child for adoption.  Not only do we work with expectant mothers, but ABL Adoptions also helps families who desire to make their wish of having a child come true through the adoption process.  We are considered to be one of the foremost Licensed Child Placing Agencies with offices in both Indiana and Louisiana.  ABL Adoptions’ accomplished staff is distinguished for their caring and professional methods in serving both adoptive families and birthparents.  For more than 50 years, we have been assisting birthmothers determine what is in their best interests and the best interests of their unborn child.  ABL Adoptions is able to place birthmothers in touch with the resources that will give them the financial, medical, nutritional, emotional help and support they deserve.  Due to the fact that many of ABL Adoptions’ employees were adoptees, birthmothers or adoptive parents, they have an unbelievably good understanding what their clients are experiencing – as either birthmothers or as adoptive parents.  ABL Adoptions also counsels West Lafayette families deal with infertility matters and counsels birthmothers and coordinates the legal process and the birthmothers’ time spent in the hospital.  All of our efforts are focused on helping place children into the most loving and caring adoptive homes.  ABL Adoptions is dedicated to assisting West Lafayette clients throughout the adoption process. 

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West Lafayette, Illinois is in Tippecanoe County.  West Lafayette has a population of nearly 30,000 residents.  It is recognized as the most densely populated city in Indiana.  The birth rate for unwed women 15 to 19 years of age in Tippecanoe County is 26 births per 1000 births.  The number of teen births in Tippecanoe County is 1,322.  ABL Adoptions concentrates on its birthmothers, and we also identify with the needs of adoptive parents, too.  Our goal is to help you no matter what.  Our services are FREE to West Lafayette birthmothers.  ABL Adoptions educates you about the particulars of adoption and we stipulate all the options that are available to birthmothers.  Further, ABL Adoptions details the information regarding both open and closed adoptions and the birthmothers’ right to choose the adopting family.  It is our opinion that all birthmothers should be able to take an role in making sure their child is placed in a loving home.   ABL Adoptions ensures that birthmothers receive the medical health care they are worthy of having and the extra financial assistance the law allows. 

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Our clients acknowledge that ABL Adoptions is one of the most caring and professional adoption agencies around.  ABL Adoptions has a deep and sincere understanding of what you’re experiencing and what you will be feeling in the days ahead.  We do our best to protect birthmothers and families from the stress which often is associated with adoption by helping them deal with all of the financial, emotional and physical issues facing them.  ABL Adoptions supports its clients throughout all phases of their adoption plan – from determining the perfect family for their child to choosing the level of openness they want in the adoption.  We will also inform you of any additional financial assistance you may be eligible to receive, such as: housing, living expenses, pre-natal care, medical costs, maternity clothing and lost wages. Call ABL Adoptions at 1-866-650-5683, today, in order to find out how we can help you!


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